Welcome to the Elimu Informatics VCF to FHIR translator! As more and more consumers participate in gene sequencing ordered by their physicians or through Direct-to-Consumer testing centers, that data will be stored in a Variant Call Format (VCF). Translating that data to a FHIR format, which is gaining adoption across EHRs, will help make a person’s full genomic profile accessible for precision health care decision support. You can use this page to test our translator. If you like it, you can download the open-source version of this same translator here. Please keep in mind that this is for testing purposes only and is not to be used with actual PHI or in a production environment at this time (see our Disclaimer).

Step 1 : Select file to upload

Don't have any VCF files lying around? Totally understandable, you can download some here.

If you are supplying your own VCF file, please make sure there is a column header row that matches the column headers in our sample files.

Step 2: Convert uploaded file

Wanna try it again? Just refresh the page!

Got questions? You can contact us at or check out our Readme